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Merge all RStudio Cheatsheets into a 1-sided and a 2-sided PDF for :printer:



R&D Investment Dashboard

The JRC annualy publishes the top R&D investing firms. This dashboard helps to explore the 2017 dataset.

Community Map (WIP)

The Austrian Digitisation Agency commissioned a stakeholder mapping of actors pushing digitisation forward in Austria. The Community Map, a Shiny app, shows data collected from a snowballing survey in which key actors identified their main partners and provided information about their R&D, business and data sharing links.

Seats in the European Parliament

With the UK leaving the EU, 73 MEPs leave the Parliament. The distribution of these seats matters for Europe. Find out about the proposals and explore your own distribution

Minister Vlatin

Minister Vlatin ist der Haus und Hof Bot von dem totalen Brettspiel True World Control

Recent Publications

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